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  • Keep East Wenatchee Clean

    • Does the City provide any free yard debris disposal days?

    • How do I dispose of a residential sharp?

    • How do I dispose of a used appliance?

    • How do I dispose of latex paint?

    • Where are the Residential Sharps Drop-off Sites located?

  • Legal

    • How can I find the schedule for a court hearing?

    • How do I file a police report?

    • How do I report a crime?

    • Where can I get legal advice if I cannot afford an attorney?

    • Who should I call to find out about available victim services?

    • Who should I call to find out about my traffic infraction?

  • Transportation Benefit District

    • How is the EWTBD spending my $20?

    • What funding sources are availble to the EWTBD?

    • What is the East Wenatchee Transportation Benefit District?

    • Who runs the EWTBD?

    • Why did the EWTBD implement a $20 car tab fee without voter approval?