Tourism Promotion Grant

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Each year, the City allocates the lodging tax revenue for grants to help fund tourism promotion. To help promote tourism, the City evaluates grant applications for the marketing or operations of special events and festivals designed to attract tourists to East Wenatchee.

If the City approves a grant application, the funds are distributed on a reimbursement basis.

To apply for a tourism promotion grant, please read through the general guidelines below and then complete the online application form which begins on the next page. Alternatively, you may print out a .pdf copy of the application by clicking here.

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The general guidelines are:

1.  An activity must occur within East Wenatchee Boundaries or exclusively promote East Wenatchee Activities or organizations and must comply with the requirements of RCW 67.28.1816, attached at the end of the application.

2.  A recipient and the proposed activity must be consistent with and must further East Wenatchee's image and goals.

3.  An activity must be of general community interest or value.

4.  Unless approved by the City, admission to or participation in an activity must be "free of charge." 

5.  A grant recipient must provide full financial statements for the organization; and budget and actual financial statements for the activity submitted for funding.

6.  A recipient must demonstrate that the  activity submitted for funding is not duplicative or in competition with other East Wenatchee events, activities, or organizations.

7.  A funded activity or program must obtain all legally required permits, licenses, insurance and approvals before City funds will be released.

8.  A grant recipient must submit a written report of the results of the activity within 14 days of its completion.  The report must include information describing the actual number of people traveling for business or pleasure on a trip:

8.1.  Away from their place of residence or business and staying overnight in paid accommodations;

8.2.  To place 50 miles or more from their place of residence or business for the day or staying overnight; or

8.3.  From another country or state outside of their place of residence or their business.

9.  A funded recipient, activity, or program must acknowledge the City contribution in formal promotional materials and efforts (i.e. logo, etc.)

10.  The City may amend or waive any eligibility or evaluation criteria or irregularity of award grants.