Operations & Maintenance

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The Public Works O&M Division is responsible for the maintenance of the City’s infrastructure including roads, storm drain, roadside facilities and municipal owned facilities & equipment. Along with routine maintenance and construction, the Public Works O&M Division is the first response team for wind and rain storms, icy and snow conditions, fallen trees on the roadways, and other unplanned events that disrupt or impact the functioning of the city’s infrastructure.

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The Operations & Maintenance Division covers four major components of Public Works activities.

Operation & Maintenance is responsible for the upkeep of all municipal roadways. This responsibility includes: right-of-way mowing, street sweeping, vegetation control, asphalt and concrete repair (roads and sidewalks), crosswalk and other pavement markings, street name and regulatory signs, snow and ice control, and other miscellaneous duties that impact the city roads.

As well as roadway’s, O&M is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all municipal owned facilities and small roadside parks in the City of East Wenatchee. This responsibility includes: exterior facility maintenance and repair, landscape maintenance, interior facility maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting and relocation of equipment. 

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Management of light and heavy-duty vehicles and off-road equipment owned and operated by the City. This responsibility includes acquisition and resale of all vehicles used in City operations (except the Police Department). This section also manages the purchasing, storing and distribution of fuels and automotive parts, contract and vendor management and other fleet related duties that support city operations. equipment.

Also responsible for the upkeep of all municipal drainage conveyances that collect and discharge surface and storm water. This responsibility includes: roadside ditch cleaning, shoulder grading, catch basin and storm detention pond inspection/cleaning, street and driveway culvert inspection/cleaning and other miscellaneous duties to prevent flooding and protect the environment. Stormwater Utility activities are managed by the Greater East Wenatchee Stormwater Utility.

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