Chapter 5 - Performance Evaluations and Training

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Chapter 5-Performance Evaluations and Training.

5.1      Performance evaluations.

  1. Under the general direction of the Mayor, the City conducts periodic performance evaluations for all employees. Conducting performance evaluations helps the City achieve its goal of training, promoting, and retaining the best-qualified employee for every job,
  2. The City conducts performance evaluations each year. The employee’s immediate supervisor conducts the evaluation. Department Heads must submit the completed evaluations to the Mayor or his/her designee by August 15. All evaluations are conducted using the same format, which is available from the HR Generalist.
  3. Immediate supervisors should also evaluate new employees after six months of continued employment.
  4. The evaluation is part of an employee’s personnel record and may be a factor in determining whether the employee receives a wage increase, or is promoted, transferred, demoted, laid off, or terminated.

5.2      Training policy.

The City seeks, within the limits of available resources, to offer training to increase an employee’s skills, knowledge, and abilities directly related to City employment, to obtain or maintain required licenses and certifications, and to develop staff resources. Opportunities may include, but are not limited to: on-the-job training, in-house workshops, college courses, and seminars sponsored by other agencies or organizations.