Domestic Violence Resources

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Aequitas Strategies

Battered Women Justice Project Resource Center

 CCYJ WA State Model Protocol for CSEC

Coalition Ending Gender-based Violence (King County)

CSEC Fact Sheet

Domestic Violence Disability

FETI Webinar Part I

FETI Webinar Part II Prosecutors.pdf a.pdf

Jill Davies’: Advocacy Beyond Leaving

 King County CSEC Task Force


 Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

 Minnesota Center on Violence and Abuse Electronic Clearinghouse

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Prosecution Best Practice Guide

National Network to End Domestic Violence – for tech safety information

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

 Northwest Network

Northwest Network.

 Office of Crime Victim Advocacy (OCVA)

 Organization for Prostitution Victims

Report Abuse and Neglect | Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Senior Information and Assistance

 Stalking and Harassment Assessment Risk Profile

Stalking Resource Center

Violence Against Women With Disabilities

 Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence